About Us

Helping Tree Owners in Edmonton

Brothers Tree Care is a Sherwood Park-based business run by brothers Chris and Bill Kwiatek. We know trees inside and out, from their roots and bark, all the way to the smallest leaf. In the tree business for 22 years, we’ve been helping Edmonton home and business owners make the most of their landscaping, with hazard tree assessment and free consultations on pruning and promoting healthy growth. As full service tree care professionals, we take pride in our work, whether providing friendly advice, cleaning up after a storm or providing customers extra services on the job site to help landscapes look better.

About Chris
Chris began his career in trees by studying landscape gardening at Olds College. There he mastered plant identification, arboriculture, landscape construction, workplace safety and more. Chris later went on to study at the Davey Institute of Tree Sciences to deepen his knowledge of trees. Again he received hands-on training, this time expanding his tree-related skills such as climbing and rigging (levels 1 and 2), to safely prune and bring down trees without damage to surrounding property.

Close up of chainsaw on tree
About Bill
Bill has been working with Chris as an arborist for several years. Like Chris, Bill is fully insured and has mastered the techniques of climbing and rigging. As business owners, the brothers are now able to control quality at every visit, at every branch, making sure that your trees are taken care of correctly and safely.

The Importance of Experienced Arborists
Tree care should always be left to experienced arborists who promote tree preservation and only perform industry best practices. Avoid using any tree company that advertises tree topping or uses climbing spikes; these practices are harmful to trees and often unnecessary. Look for a responsible tree care professional who can offer:
  • Proof of insurance
  • List of references
  • Years of experience
  • Combination of price, efficiency and professionalism