Tree Care Services

Tree Removal, Trimming and Fertilizing in Edmonton

At Brothers Tree Care, our objective is to preserve the character of your Edmonton-area property by helping you make informed decisions about tree health and safety. Trees are an important factor in the valuation of any property, so don’t let yours become a liability.

Dying Tree? We Remove Them Safely and Efficiently
Tree removal is a last resort. At Brothers Tree Care it is our aim to preserve trees whenever possible through removing dead or decaying branches and promoting healthy growth. If pruning, cabling and other methods of preservation fail, we use modern rigging techniques, cranes and felling practices to remove trees safely with little impact on your surrounding property. See us in action in our video!

Emergency Storm Clean-Up
The storms we experience in Edmonton tend to be brief but violent and can wreak havoc on our trees. It is important not to underestimate the inherent dangers after a storm, even if you do not think your situation requires immediate assistance. Resist the urge to clean up on your own, since trees and limbs under tension may react unpredictably when cut. Brothers Tree Care provides prompt assistance to help you clean up storm-damaged trees.

Get Rid of Unsightly Stumps
If the stumps on your property are a sanctuary for pests, obstructing valuable yard space, or a nuisance for your lawnmower, consider using Brothers Tree Care’s stump grinding service. We are fully equipped to remove stumps and roots from your lawn, leaving you with smooth turf and planting beds – and plenty of space for children to run and play without risk of tripping or falling.

Fertilization: A Nutritious Boost
We fertilize trees allowing them to reach their full landscape potential as part of our comprehensive tree care service in Edmonton. Fertilization is necessary in urban environments where trees lack the proper nutrients, grow in compacted soil and are forced to fend off disease and infestation, among other complications.
Safe Tree Removal | Avoid property damage