Tree Pruning

Tree and Shrub Pruning in Edmonton

Is your tree getting too close to your neighbour’s garage? Is there the possibility of its falling off the next time it gets windy? Whether your tree is unstable and weak or throwing too much of your landscape into shade, we will employ the right pruning techniques to keep you and your property safe.

Pruning is Vital to Healthy Growth
Tree pruning involves removing damaged, diseased or dead limbs, to allow your tree to reach its full potential. Pruning also manages growth of the canopy and allows additional light to reach the landscape below. We do not top trees! Responsible arborists know that tree topping is harmful, as it stresses the tree, causing it to decay over time.

There are alternatives to topping that help manage the growth of your trees, including crown thinning, crown raising and crown reduction. Brothers Tree Care’s experienced arborists will assess your tree and its growth patterns and recommend the pruning method suited to the size, species, age and overall health of your tree.

When to Prune
Generally, pruning to remove weak or diseased limbs can be done at any point through the year. With that said, there are ideal pruning seasons for different species of trees. The best time to prune our maples and birches is in July, while most deciduous trees are trimmed between January and April before the spring growth flush. There are also bylaws to consider. The City of Edmonton only allows elms to be pruned between October 1st and March 31st, when elm bark beetles are inactive.