Tree Removal

Tree and Shrub Removal in Edmonton

Brothers Tree Care has over 20 years of experience removing hazardous trees in the Edmonton area, helping customers improve the safety of their properties. Tree removal requires the careful consideration of many variables including, but not limited to location, age, species, history and environment. When preservation efforts aren’t enough to save trees from the “chopping block,” our arborists safely remove trees that are:
  • Dead or dying and likely to fall inflicting damage
  • Causing obstructions that pruning alone can’t solve
  • Crowding other trees and causing damage
  • Jeopardizing the foundation of your home

Safe and Efficient Arborists
Removing trees is not a do-it-yourself job—it is best left to the tree experts. Our crew has the necessary experience to make quick work of even the most hazardous tree, whether it is in a confined space or dangerously close to utility wires. We are fully equipped and insured and have earned a reputation for prompt service and thorough work. Call Brothers Tree Care today!